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Dear Blaze Alumni:


Thank you for taking the time to fill out the following form.  This information will be  added to the Alumni Pages of the Burlington Blaze Volleyball Club Website (  Please fill in all areas that you wish to include, and if future revisions are required, please do not hesitate to contact me (






Years at Blaze:  (eg.  2001 – 2003)


Position Played:  (eg. Middle/Libero)


Highlights at Blaze:  (eg. Awards, tournament standings – or anything of note you wish                   

                                            to include)


Current or Post Blaze Volleyball Career:  (eg. team, position, highlights)

        If desired, you can submit a link to a current university or college page here


Career/Future Plans:  (eg.  programme or current profession)


Future Volleyball Plans:  (eg. coaching a current team, playing Beach, etc)


Current Address and/or  Email:


Photo Attached:  Yes or No



We look forward to including your resume in our Alumni Pages.  We see this as a means to honour our former players and coaches, as well as allow our players and coaches to stay connected.


Any suggestions you would like to add  would be gratefully accepted.



Thank you,


Irene Prime

Administrative Director,

Burlington Blaze Volleyball Club


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