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Jackie Prime

One of the original Blaze players, Jackie was the leading setter during her three years with Blaze.  Her best memories of Blaze include the "team huddle" and the "ultimate workout" practices.  Highlights include the Provincial silver medal in 1996, receiving the OVA Award of Excellence in her final year, and "being the first setter to step on the court for Blaze". 

After a 5 year stay with McMaster University, where she earned a degree in Honours English and Anthropology, Jackie entered the graduate programme in Physical Anthropology at Southern Illinois University.  Completing a M.A. in 2006, Jackie is currently in the final stages of a Ph.D. programme studying primate cognition, with field work in Khao Yai National Park in Thailand studying gibbons, the smallest members of the Ape Family.  She has recently established "The Jackie Prime Project" - an initiative to provide field development programmes at Khao Ya for Physical Anthropology students and to create opportunities for Thai students to expand their knowledges of their environment and to develop English language skills.  She has presented her work and environmental impact goals in presentations in Canada and at conferences in the United States.

Her ultimate goal is to teach and do research at a Canadian University and continue her work in Thailand.

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