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Naomi was a setter for the Blaze teams under the direction of Patrick Krychowski for 2 seasons.
Following this she moved on to the University of Guelph, where she led the team from the setting position for 3 years, attaining the distinction in her final year of ranking 3rd in the OUA and the top 20 in the country for assists. 

Once completing her degree at Guelph, Naomi completed a one year internship with CIDA
(Canadian International Development Agency) as an agricultural assistant at a school in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Once returning to Canada, Naomi was appointed to the position of Public Engagement Educator for SIM's HIV/AIDS advocacy program – VOICE for AIDS.
Unfortunately this wonderful job opportunity meant she was forced to step down from her opportunity to coach alongside Andy Nicholson and Paul Funk at the University of Guelph.

November 2008: Naomi sends this message to her team at Guelph:

Just today, I was officially offered what could be the job opportunity I've been waiting for! I will be managing and coordinating an HIV/AIDS advocacy program for SIM Canada. The program doesn't have an official name yet - it will be one of my first tasks, but it is building off of the Hope for AIDS program that was running in the past.  I get to travel and attend some great seminars and connect with some wonderful people as we work to help grow and establish a program that is spreading awareness about how HIV/AIDS is affecting people in countries worldwide. 
Those of you who know me from years past or have heard the rumors... I've been hoping to make my mark on our international stage in the development world since graduating and this is a wonderful opportunity with prospects for future travels abroad!

I'm pretty excited about this opportunity; the down side is that it means I am stepping down from my position coaching you girls.
I will still do my best to get to your games every few weeks and be a part of your cheering section.  I wish you all the best and hope to hear many wonderful Funk updates about your successes.
Best of luck this weekend for homecoming - I'm working on a fan base to be there supporting you.

In 2009 Naomi will be launching a new business – EDGE Volleyball. The program will be running invitational volleyball tournaments for high school and elementary school teams to compete against each other around Southern Ontario. To learn more about these opportunities please visit


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